Owner of Liquid by Design | #DigitalMarketing Consultant for Small Businesses | Branding for #SmallBusiness | Web Design for #SMO and #SEO

I am currently a senior Marketing Major at the University of Northern Colorado.  I grew up in Greeley, CO and I’ve always sought to find ways to create a more efficient lifestyle.  With my desire to work hard and play hard I had to find ways to make that possible.  This philosophy has carried over into my professional life where I see that businesses need to try and take the same approach.  By integrating online technologies businesses can allow themselves the opportunity.

Having lived in an area that had a declining economic climate, it was disheartening to see quality small businesses fail due to lack of marketing funds or the inability to build an effective brand.  Out of these observations and an education that focused on fixing these problems, my life’s passion developed.
I’ve held a multitude of positions ranging from banking and retail, to owning my own business.  Having worked in many business sectors, I began to better understand target market strategies and branding them according to their customers.  These experiences have led me to create my own company to help businesses gain an online presence and develop their brand through social media marketing and website design.

As the owner of Liquid by Design, we provide services including web design, graphic design, social media consulting and social media management; all of which develop an online presence to create a strong brand for small businesses.
I make every effort to help small businesses maximize their profits by utilizing social media marketing and improving their online presence/image through website design, creation and optimization. I’m passionate about helping these businesses grow and can provide them the knowledge and skills they need to grow their business in the right direction.  The possibilities are endless which keeps my job engaging and interesting.
As social media marketing continues to grow my knowledge will do the same.  My excitement drives me to be best in the market and allows me to provide customers with the latest market trends. It’s important that every business gets involved in social media marketing and web design integration to develop their online presence and their brand.
In the end, it seems my life has many facets to it, which keeps me versatile and ready for new adventures on the horizon.

For my hobbies, outside of technology, I love to ski, play tennis and explore Colorado’s many treasures.  I’m an avid outdoorsmen and I’m always looking for the next big adventure.  One of my many goals is to summit all 14er’s in Colorado.

Favorite Quotes:
“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein
“Common sense, is not so common.” – Voltaire
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

Favorite Funny Quotes:
“The ski bum trades security for face shots, the future for the moment. Considering how hollow the promise of a corporate career has become, who can say the ski bum is not the wiser investor in his or her youth?” -Unknown
“Spandex- the garment that made skiing a spectator sport (It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all)”

Favorite Twitter Hashtags:

Favorite Websites:

Bragging Rights:
Landed a 35 foot cliff on skis, Climbed over a dozen Colorado 14er’s, Skied in 50+ inches of fresh powder, Played in the Junior Australian Open, Voted Player of the Year two year’s in a row for Weld County

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