Dress-Up Your Facebook Page

Dress Up Your Facebook

By Calvin Webster

Your business made the big decision to get on Facebook and begin a social media campaign, but did you think about the image you’ll be conveying to your customers?  Developing your Facebook Page prior to making it known to your customers is vitality important to your brand image and your social media success.  Let’s pick apart the elements that you need to be aware of.

Facebook Cover Photo

One of the most important elements is your Facebook cover photo.  It is the banner image at the top of your Facebook Page that is visible to everyone and it often is the first place that people look.  Make sure you chose an image that conveys your brand image and is appropriate to Facebook’s standards.

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Size Matters

An important aspect to keep in mind when designing a cover photo is that your image needs to be 851×351 pixels. It’s important to adhere to these standards so your image is clear and fits properly into the element.  If you don’t size the image properly it could show up distorted hurting your Facebook image from the start.

Use a Template!

Second, your cover photo needs to make room for the profile picture since it will be placed behind it.  The template below allows you to account for that when designing your cover photo so no important parts of your cover photo image will be missing.

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Facebook Cover Photo Size Template

Facebook Profile Picture

Another important aspect of your businesses Facebook image is your profile picture.  The best use of a profile picture for businesses is a logo that has been resized or reworked to fit the image dimensions.

Dimensions Need Your Attention

The image is displayed at 160×160 pixels, but the maximum size you can upload is 2048×2048 pixels and the minimum size you can upload is 180×180 pixels.  By uploading a larger image it displays much better if someone clicks on it for a closer look.

Facebook Profile Picture Template

Leave Little White Space

If your logo only looks good against white then it may be best you rework it so that there is minimal white space within the element boundaries.  It’s important that your profile picture gets your audience’s attention since this is what will show up in searches or in icon form.  If you can’t rework your logo then get creative like the Simpsons.

Facebook Apps Tab

The last major element that is visible to your customers is your list of tabs.  Each Facebook tab represents a different place for your customers to get more information.  Facebook automatically displays your tabs including likes, photos and events, but you can rearrange them and add tabs that are helpful to your customers.  For example, if you were a restaurant you’d want to create a menu tab, a review tab and virtual tour tab like the tabs featured below.

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Design Your Tabs

The tabs featured in Facebook display at 111×74 pixels.  These appear right below your cover photo and are one of the last places you can customize your Facebook site to brand your business and make it look good.

When designing these tabs be sure to keep them simple since they can quickly make your tabs look cluttered.  Also, when designing them, make sure you display information that allows your user to easily determine its use.  Finally, make them unique! Don’t just take an icon and display it.  Take that icon and add colors that fit your brand or stylize it to fit your page.

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Take Away

It is important when creating a Facebook Page for your business that you plan your site layout so that it is consistent and brands your business effectively.  Utilize all of the elements that Facebook provides to their full extent and design with their dimensions in mind.

Most importantly, be creative and don’t let the size restrictions limit your ability to create a Facebook Page that is dynamic and enjoyable for your customers.  Create something that is special, something memorable and something that brands your business!

What are you going to do to improve your image on Facebook?

Creative Facebook Cover Photo


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