The Social Media Flip-Flop

Changing Social Media

Can the world just stay on MySpace, I mean Facebook, no wait I mean Twitter?

The answer is simply no! It’s no secret that businesses have gone digital in about every way possible and most integrations seem to stick around, but why does social media continuously evolve at such a fast pace?

It’s simple, humans don’t play by the rules and we eventually break the limits of the social media platforms capabilities. The result, a social media platform that is out of control! And since humans have an overwhelming need to feel control, we find a new one that seems to take its place. If we are to find a social media platform that is stable, we must account for something that hasn’t yet been achieved. And that is controlling the human aspect.

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The Human Aspect

As humans, we are naturally social, but we react to social situations in our own unique way, which makes it the most difficult to control. We have endless amounts of thoughts flowing through our heads with sometimes very little rationale behind them. The result is a human that can’t be controlled. When humans utilize social media platforms the results are unpredictable, but many social media platforms have shown great success. The tipping point for social media platforms is when marketers squeeze their way into the mix and create an environment where humans lose even more control.

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The Marketing Aspect

Marketers are always trying to control human behavior. When they see a rise in popularity of a social media outlet they look for the fastest way to manipulate it. A recent trend in social media marketing is content marketing, which is a far cry from predatory marketing schemes, but it still creates an unwelcoming environment for casual social interactions. It’s the same idea of going out with coworkers to have a good time and the topic of conversation turns to business. It’s not what anyone wanted!

Finding the Balance

If we are truly to find a balance in the use of social media platforms, marketers must not ruin it for us all. They must respect the social media platform and they must respect their users. When a business enters the social media arena they need to take the tie off or at least set aside their uniform. They need to understand that being there at all is a privilege and that type of respect needs to resonate throughout their interactions.

In the end, there shouldn’t be any marketing in social media, there should be a presence.

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